Real color for your space. Crafted from the highest quality pigments.


Why drikolor?

Our team has assembled colorists and technologists to create something new and better in the paint world: drikolor. Our colors aren’t like anything else—we source our raw ingredients from all over the world, and because we can ship our pigments dry, we aren’t limited by industrial paint pigments like conventional paint companies. We make our colors with multiple pigments layered pigment by pigment. These granules create a complexity and depth that arrives to the eye as a single hue, but one with a luminous dimensionality that can’t be achieved any other way.

How it works

Our product arrives as a dry non-dusting powder that disperses easily into our base paint on site, mixed by a consumer or contractor, without needing a visit to the paint shop. Extra color can be stored in dry format without the hassle of storing base paint, saving space and without fear of it drying out. 


A note about our whites

We are only as good as our whites. They are the most difficult and true measure of what we do. Ours are saturated with light... complex, luminous, alive, and changing over the arc of the as it stretches towards the shadows. 


Rachel Lacy

We started drikolor because our founder, Rachel Lacy, a second generation colorist– grew up surrounded by a family who cared about beauty, architecture and about to make it, how to make it better, and how it affected space with its thoughtful use. When Rachel couldn’t find the quality and dimensionality of color she wanted to use, she decided to do something about it.