The drikolor difference

There are four fundamentals that make our wall color different. Each one directly shapes the feeling of a drikolor space. 



Quality in = quality out. We source our raw ingredients from all over the world, including real pigments from traditional elements like bone, shell, ochre and chalk. The distinction from industrial paint is similar to the disparity between a fragrant summer tomato versus the winter version that tastes of nothing at all. 

Light-color relationship

We build each color using many different pigments. That gives light a lot to work with, entirely changing the experience of being in a drikolor room. 




Color packed with pigment delivers depth, richness, and luminosity you can’t get any other way. We use a high load of pigment in every color, including our whites and neutrals. 


Choosing paint is a high-stakes decision that has everything to do with the beauty of a room. drikolor ensures successful color choice in three ways:

  • Our collection is curated and limited so that every single color is superlative. You will love the color you choose.

  • Our swatches are painted with the actual wall color and big enough to enable you to skip painting test samples on your walls.

  • Because each color shares some of the same pigments, every one of our shades not only work well together, they unify all the other elements in the room.