Frequently Asked Questions

What finishes are available?

Every drikolor color works with all three drikolor bases. The three bases available are: a dead flat (1% sheen) that works best for ceilings and low traffic areas, an interior flat (4% sheen) this is our  recommended wipeable finish for walls, and our water based enamel semi-gloss (20% sheen) for trim and wet areas. 

How does it work?

drikolor comes ready to stir into the  base paint whenever you are ready to paint. Pour it in, stir, and watch the color come to life. Our colors react  beautifully with light—whites will stay white, rather than  turning grey.  Colors will be vivid and deep. 

How can I test the color?

All our collateral is the actual paint on wallpaper, so no need for test pots. The sheets act as a dry test pot. Tape one of our A6 samples to the wall to see true to life color.

Is it hard to use? Does it clump? Does it require special equipment?

No. Our beaded color granules dissolve easily. Any stir stick or even a wooden spoon will do—a couple of minutes of stirring by hand and the color will be fully dispersed. Painting contractors often use a mixer at the end of a drill when mixing conventional paint before application, this works very well with drikolor. Paint is ready to use in 2-3 minutes or when a full, even color has developed.

Does dry pigment effect the coverage of the paint?

Absolutely not, just as the pigments they put in at the paint shop don’t effect the paint. We just use much higher quality pigment and more of it—so the colors come out richer and truer. But the base paint coverage remains strong and unaffected. Our high quality base paints are designed for  2 coat coverage, and work over any primer.

Why does multi-pigmentation matter

The more pigmented paint is, the more  wavelengths are created , the more interplay with light, and the greater the perception of depth of color. 

Can’t we take the color swatch to our paint shop? 

Conventional paint companies can’t offer our kinds of  colors, being limited to combinations created with the  handful of synthetic pigments used in paint shop tinting  wheels. Try to recreate a drikolor color by “color  matching” from traditional brands and the difference in  ingredients and complexity becomes obvious. It might look  close but the colors won’t have our depth or purity. The  quality of pigments and the amount of pigment used  determine the quality of color, this is especially true with  whites and neutrals which we make with ochres and bone blacks. The purity of our ingredients make for complex colors. 

Why does polychromatic mean?  

Complete color made of multiple pigments milled into one single final color granule. 

Can I use the pigment in other paints? 

You can use the pigment in any water-based paint but  we can only guarantee you will get the correct the color  in drikolor paint. This is because different paint companies  use slightly different bases and weights. 

How is the paint base different? 

drikolor paint is actually very similar to other premium  paints. The difference is in the colors - because of the  multi-pigmentation and use of powdered natural pigments. 

Do you get the same color each time? 

Yes, each bottle is accurately weighed and will provide  the exact color, provided all of the pigment from the  bottle is poured into the base paint. 

Can I make a half-color? 

No. Each bottle is accurately weighed and will provide  the exact color, thus it would be very  hard to achieve an accurate half tone. We do not recommend anything other than one bottle of pigment to one gallon of base paint.

Why is the can larger than a typical gallon? 

Extra room is provided in the can to allow room for the stirring in of the drikolor pigment. Smaller jobs are typically done in can, mixed with a kitchen spatula.  Most professionals will use a drill bit mixer attachment and many will combine base paint and pigment in their own buckets.  

Must I use a base coat or primer every time? 

It is not always necessary. If you are painting onto a  white surface with a pigment that uses a light base you do not need a primer. If you are using a pigment which  requires the deep base we do recommend a primer; this  will help provide the richest and truest color possible.   

Can I purchase test pots? 

We do not sell test pots but you can purchase a color palette pack which has paint chips with each color from  the range painted onto them. This way you can take the  color chips into the room you are planning to paint, and  see the true color react with the light there. 

Can I use the pigment in oil based paint? 

No, drikolor pigments only work in water-based paint. 

Is important to match the Light and Deep base paints  to the correct pigment?

Yes, it is very important in order to achieve the correct  color. Before mixing the pigment with the base paint, check that the sticker on the pigment and the base paint  match. Do not mix a light pigment with a deep base, and  vice versa. 

How long will the paint last once it is tinted? 

The paint with pigment blended will last up to one year as long as the seal of the can is on securely. Ensure no air can enter the can before storing. 

Do you sell the base paint in less than one gallon? 

No, as the pigment bottles are weighed to correctly make up one gallon of paint. 

Is the Interior Water Based Enamel base paint very glossy? 

The water based enamel has a 20% sheen; it is the 'glossiness' that gives paint its hardness. So generally the glossier, the harder.

How many coats of drikolor do I need? 

We recommend applying two coats. A Deep base color  will require at  least two coats plus a tinted primer or sealer undercoat.  

How do I prep a surface that is to be painted? 

Scrape away any old paint and fill in any holes. Sand the  walls smooth, dust off and wash down with TSP or sugar soap.  Make sure all your walls are clean and dust-free then use a  primer if painting wood, or a sealer if you are painting onto  drywall or plasterboard. Remove any electrical switch  boards and use painters masking tape around window  frames, woodwork,  moldings and door frames. 

How do I apply the paint? 

drikolor can be applied as any standard paint, with a brush or roller. It can also be sprayed.  

What is good practice for applying drikolor? 

Start with the ceiling, cutting in the edges around the ceiling moldings with a cutting in brush. Fill in the main area with a roller, working from the  darkest corner of the room towards the light. Work in  narrow strips so you can clearly see where you have  stopped and started. Paint around ceiling light fittings,  then complete the rest of that band. Next, the walls. Start  in the corner, cutting into wall edges, window and door  frames. Fill the main areas using a roller. Do this in an up  and down motion, from top to bottom. Around windows,  paint along the top  band and repeat at the bottom

Can I use drikolor to paint a floor? 

We do not have a designated paint base for floors.  Mixing pigment with a base designed for flooring may not  achieve the same color as advertised on the pigment  bottle. 

Where is drikolor manufactured? 

The individual color pigments are imported from  around the world and then formulated in New Zealand.