4320M le rubis Deep Base

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4320M le rubis Deep Base

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Le rubis, the color of the precious stone ruby, embodied in Corbusier's second collection of keyboards of 1959, the darkly shining red,
which looks velvety, very festive and luxurious.

This dynamic nuance retains this impressive effect even in shaded environments.

Derived from the medieval latin, ruby stands for red, the red one.

The history of rubies.

It is supposed that rubies were already being dug out in the bronze age in Burma.

More than 2,000 years ago, rubies in India were revered and used as talismans.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also used rubies.

The precious stone ruby occurs in many places. Asian rubies are much sought-after.

The most important countries are Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Sri lanka, but with decreasing reserves. Others are South-east Asia, India, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Later, precious rubies also came from East Africa.

Particularly valuable are rubies with strong red colouring with a hint of blue, similar to the colour of dove's blood.


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