32060 ocre Light Base

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32060-L ocre Light Base.png

32060 ocre Light Base

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Le Corbusier Ochre's are made using Ochre from France. Colors with a bandwidth ranging from light sand to dark straw to earth tones to the color of bleached bones are referred to as ochre.

The earthy ochre tones are much softer than industrial yellow, the emotions and reactions connected to them are much less intense.

Ochre is natural and timeless.

In earlier architecture yellow was frequently a sandy ochre, which, unlike industrial yellows- looks warm in the daylight and also in shade.


Ocre 32060 is a natural sandy color.

The nuance conveys the feeling of a sunny beach.

Ocre 32060, a sandy warm shade is bright, restrained and elegant, ideal for living areas and facades – the architectural "yellow" of earlier times.

The shade looks stable and static in any light. For Le Corbusier, light yellow ochre stands for sand; he uses ocre 32060 as a basic colour in both of his illustrative «Sand» moods.

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