4320A rouge vermillon 59 Deep Base

4320A-D rouge vermillon 59 Deep Base.png
4320A-D rouge vermillon 59 Deep Base.png

4320A rouge vermillon 59 Deep Base

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Le Corbusier wrote: "red should appear in full light (in order to look red)". This statement is especially true for

4320A rouge vermillon 59 

The shade gains its special dynamic effect when it is well lit. rouge vermillon 59 is very fiery and lends warmth and genuinely attracts the eye. Strong red is very eye-catching and appears closer. Territorial red shades can bring the wall closer and/or fix the plane and the exact position, strengthening presence.


The history of vermillon                                    

Vermillion (cinnabar) is a mineral in the mineral class of sulphides.

The name cinnabar relates to the luminescent red colour of the mineral.

It is derived from the latin "cinnabaris" and this is in turn derived from the Persian "zinjifrah" for "dragon's blood".

Rare and expensive, vermillion has been used since ancient times in the painting of walls, panels and books.

The artists of the mural paintings of Pompeii used vermillion harvested in Spain to create luminescent and expressive red shades.

Vermillion can be found in the paintings of all eras.


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